Understanding D&O Insurance for Cannabis Businesses – An Overview by NCIA member Jon Spratt from Greensite

Here’s a great article published yesterday on the NCIA blog by Jon Spratt of Greensite Insurance. In the piece Spratt gives a great overview of the importance of Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance. If you’re the leader of a cannabis company and aren’t familiar with this type of insurance, it’s probably a good idea to start here.

Member Blog: Understanding D&O Coverage for the Cannabis Industry
Because of the challenging landscape, cannabis organizations have some unique risks they may face while running their businesses including:

  • High investor expectations and limited access to capital
  • The federal status of cannabis
  • Varying trade practices from state to state
  • Lack of bankruptcy protections 
  • Increased merger & acquisition activity 
  • State-by-state licensing requirements
  • Cannabis-specific local, state, and federal tax laws

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