May 2023 – Wholesale Cannabis Data Reports for Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon and the US

With Summer in full effect, let’s take a look back at the numbers for May 2023. How did flower do in Oregon? Were extracts up or down in Maine? How about pre-rolls in Massachusetts, or cartridges nationwide? You’ll find key wholesale cannabis data points across an assortment of categories in several state-specific markets as well as at the national level.  

The Apex Trading Team gathers these snapshots of cannabis industry data for you, free of charge, because we sincerely feel they’ll help you make the best decisions and ensure our industry grows.. You’ll find anonymized data from cultivators, extractors, edibles manufacturers and retailers across the country. Rather than use survey data, we gather the info from actual orders running through the Apex Trading system. Collecting the data from real orders ensures you’re getting the most accurate view of what’s truly going on in your particular market.

From minimum selling price to maximum selling price, or an average of all sales, we’re providing you with an overview of wholesale cannabis pricing data. What’s more, we cover an array of cannabis-specific product categories such as bulk flower, prepackaged 8ths and quarters, extracts, cartridge types and more.

Below, you’ll find links to the May 2023 wholesale cannabis data snapshots. Each report covers state-specific B2B cannabis including Maine, Massachusetts, and Oregon. We’ve also put together a National level view for multi-state operators (MSOs), investors, consultants, and other ancillary service providers to help you understand what’s going across the US.

Keep in mind, these free reports are just scratching the surface of our extensive wholesale cannabis database. We can get into the nitty gritty of what terps sell the best, whether hand or machine-trimmed flower makes a difference in sales, and so much more. Nonetheless, we’re sure these snapshots will give you some ideas and insights for guiding your business.

If you would like to learn more about our data, our wholesale cannabis business management tools and how we’re helping thousands of cannabis companies across the US, we encourage you to request a quick demo by clicking here.

Here are those links we promised:

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Massachusetts May 2023

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Maine May 2023

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Oregon May 2023

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – National May 2023


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