Massachusetts Wholesale Cannabis Data 2023 – Percentage Change in Cost Per Gram

In our May Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshots for Massachusetts, we covered min, max and average pricing for an array of categories including flower, extracts, cartridges and pre-rolls. We also to a quick look at the percentage change in the cost per gram for flower over the past 180 days. Here’s a bit of a deeper dive into that Massachusetts wholesale cannabis data.

Six months ago, we saw an average price of $5,88 per gram for Massachusetts. Three months later, the gram average price saw its peak at $6.35. However, for the past three months, flower has trended down all the way to a low $4.97 per gram.

Looking at maximum sales pricing, the cost per gram over the past 180 days saw a high of $9.29 and has dropped, but is holding steady at $8.57 for the past three months. The minimum selling price has also been in decline with a high of $2.86 near the beginning of the year, but dipping into the sub-$1.50 range hitting a low of $1.43 in the last 60 days.

We posted an article a while back looking at some of the challenges mature markets like Oregon have seen and commented that Massachusetts, without some regulation could go a similar route. We encourage Massachusetts lawmakers to consider a healthy market over tax revenue and look at limiting canopy and/or issuing new licenses.

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