Cannabis Industry Book Review – “Grandma’s Missing Reefer Stash”

Staying on top of your game in the cannabis industry feels like a 24-7 job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cannabis retailer, cultivator, extractor, edibles manufacturer, or an ancillary business. However, top performers know you need a break every once in a while, and there’s nothing like a good weed book to help you take your mind off the day-to-day, if only for a little while. “Grandma’s Missing Reefer Stash,” part of the Nancy Drew Ruined Mysteries series, is the perfect respite that takes you out of the daily drudgery, yet keeps you in the cannabis headspace.

A quick side note – The Nancy Drew Ruined Mysteries series was a precursor to the 420 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. In fact, the 420 series was spun off as a result of the success of “Grandma’s Missing Reefer Stash.” You may remember reading our reviews of “The Mysteriously Light Dime Bag,” or “The Case of the Overcomplicated Bong” from that series. If you haven’t perused those critiques, you may want to give them a look.

Back to the tale at hand – “Grandma’s Missing Reefer Stash.” The yarn begins, where most yarn is stored, in a tidy drawer at grandma’s house. But this isn’t the house of just any old grandma. This is the house of Grandma June, one of the most influential cannabis advocates of the 20th century.

Grandma June was not only an advocate for cannabis, but also a master grower. Back in the days of slinging sacks on the streets, stoners all across the city would be delighted when they came across one of “G-ma Jay’s” strains. You could also tell it was hers by the piece of ribbon candy that accompanied each bag. Eventually, Grandma June moved away from cannabis production and focused more on pushing the state and local governments toward legalization. Once that happened, her legendary bud all but disappeared and she only grew for her own personal use, and for the occasional lucky friend or family member.

Well, one night Grandma June’s granddaughter, Nancy Drew decided to throw a pot party at G-ma Jay’s pad. It was the best spot for such a shindig, because unlike at her house, Grandma’s place always smelled like weed. What’s more, Grandma June always went to play Canasta with her old hippie friends every Friday night, so the space was “available.”

Nancy usually kept with a tight group of friends, but on this particular night, Bess Marvin, her bestie, had just hooked up with her next Johnny-come-lately, Howie McKenzie. Now, Howie was a roughian and really couldn’t be trusted, but Bess said that it didn’t matter, nobody on Earth made her feel like he did.

Once everyone arrived, the festivities kicked off with a pleasant Blue Dream strain someone had picked up at a local dispensary. Somebody put on the album Maggot Brain by Funkadelic and things really got rolling. About midway through the title track, they were out of herb and something needed to be done.

Howie said, “Let me take a leak, and then we can jet back to the dispensary,” but as he was headed down the hall, he thought he caught a whiff of something super danky. He followed his nose, it always knows, to a cupboard. Yep, that’s where the skunky scent was coming from. He opened the bottom drawer and it was full of yarn and knitting needles, but he could tell there was something else in there somewhere.

After a little shuffling and a couple of instant-karmic needle pokes, he discovered Grandma’s reefer stash and man did it look and smell amazing. What to do? Being the hooligan he was, he shoved it down his pants and walked back down the hall to the revelry.

“Guys, I’m not feeling great – I think I’m going to head home,” Howie said with a bit of a pathetic tone. After a few protests and counters, Howie headed out the door with Grandma’s reefer stash.

The rest of the gang left not long after and hit the local dispensary. The budtender made a couple good recommendations based on the information that came with the dispensary’s Apex Trading order and, before long, the party was back in full swing. The Apex Trading-sourced bud was fantastic and the kids lost track of time. Soon, Grandma June was coming in the front door, a scowl on her face after having had a heated argument over Red Threes with Lou Yoey, her long-time friend, but often adversarial card partner.

“What, in heaven’s name is going on in here, Nancy!” she shouted. Seeing all the youngsters and catching a hint of the pot-scented air, she made a beeline to her stash drawer.

You’ll have to read the rest of the book to find out what happened next, but let’s just say Howie is more than just a thief, Nancy can get medieval on your ass, and Grandma June can really move when she needs to.

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