Cannabis Industry Book Review – Let’s Get High and Stare at Random Shit

Christmas 2023 was fantastic. Not only because the Apex Trading team onboarded a couple dozen new cultivators, extractors, edibles manufacturers and dispensaries in the last month of the year. It also wasn’t that we continued to delight hundreds of wholesale cannabis producers across the United States with new time-saving features and unrivaled customer support. Those were certainly cool highlights of the 3rd quarter, but what really made it a December to remember was that we were gifted another, and very rare tome from the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series.

You may recall from past book reviews, the Nancy Drew Ruined Mysteries series was a precursor to the 420 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. However, both of those stem from the original Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series and the copy of Let’s Get High and Stare at Random Shit is perhaps the first edition where the publishers decided to embrace the budding cannabis counterculture of the 1960s and create thematic tales that were hip with the kids.

Our intriguing narrative begins with Nancy and her friends looking to score during a really dry time. Keep in mind, these were days before being able to stroll down to your corner dispensary to shop for your favorite cannabis brands. Asking a budtender for recommendations, checking out labeled potencies, even a simple understanding of strains was an entirely foreign concept. Fortunately for Nancy and her squad, their connection, “Howard,” (they didn’t know his last name – it was safer that way) just happened to have some Thai Stick. We’re talking the real deal. Something an SOG soldier had smuggled back from the earliest days of Viet Nam.

As Nancy was incredibly responsible, she and her cohorts had a safe space in the form of her uncle Mike’s cabin to fire up the fragrant bud. They carefully unwrapped the hemp cord, removed the skewer and then laid into that hog’s leg. It wasn’t long before that pure sativa landrace strain hit them like a Muay Thai roundhouse kick. Soon, they were haphazardly picking up arbitrary items throughout the cabin. For a moment, it was almost a game of The Price Is Right with the friends trying to guess the cost of each item – oddly, the stickered prices had been left on many of the items in the cabin. But, that herb was absolute fire and before long and for six straight chapters Nancy and crew did nothing but get high and stare at random shit.

It’s safe to say, you can judge a book by its cover, or at least, its title. There was a bit of a surprise twist in one of the last chapters. Nancy’s cousin, who was visiting from Portland, Oregon goes off on a nearly 20-page rant about the future of cannabis. He expounded on radical ideas around a system to manage inventory, orders and sales of cannabis. He saw efficiencies created by formalizing and streamlining processes. He had fevered visions of cannabis producers owning their brands and forming incredible relationships with their retail partners. “Some day,” he said, “this will be the apex of cannabis trading.” The book then wraps up neatly, everyone makes it home safe, and another Nancy Drew Mystery Story comes to a happy ending.

If you’d like to learn more about how the dream of Apex Trading has been realized, and how we can help you with wholesale cannabis inventory, order and sales management and have a blast doing it, just like Nancy and her friends, consider requesting a demo by clicking here.

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