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Sellers who use Apex Trading can create custom-tailored menus for their customers (that’s you). They can set specific discounts and discounts tiers, add products just for you and more. It really is kind of great using Apex Trading to make your wholesale cannabis purchases. Not only can your sellers set you with the custom cannabis menus, but you’ll also enjoy standardized ordering processes and invoicing. Gone are the days of fooling around with spreadsheets and lack of order confirmations. What’s more, delivery errors are virtually eliminated thanks to checks within the platform.

When you choose to shop from one of these tailored menus, you can view products in a line-listed table view or through a highly visual grid view. Once you click on a product, you’ll see images, cannabinoid breakouts, THC range, production methods such as Grow Environment, Grow Medium, Drying Method, Trim Method, Extraction Method, Product Flavor, Container Type and more. Plus, ingredients, testing docs, it’s all there to help you make the best choice.

In the unlikely event your shopping experience doesn’t go as planned, or if you’re looking for something hard to find, our Customer Success Team is always there to help. You can also connect directly with the sellers, via our in-platform chat system, to negotiate pricing, discuss the detail of the product, or just to “shoot the shit.”

Beyond the custom cannabis menus and unrivaled customer service you’ll find robust reporting, order history and an array of other tools to help you make intelligent purchasing decisions. Plus, you’ll get deals and alerts about new products and sellers in your market. You can also visit the Marketplace or find new vendors with the Vendor Discovery tools, and even make put requests out to the market for products.

Apex Trading inventory interface image
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If receiving custom-tailored wholesale cannabis menus, along with a host of other innovative tools to make your cannabis purchasing easier sounds good to you - and keep in mind all of this is FREE - create your FREE account below or request a demo to learn about how we can help you save time and money.

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