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Purchasing wholesale can be full of headaches. Too many emails. Endless back-and-forth. Inaccurate inventory. Relying on brokers. Chasing down testing. All of these hassles go away with Apex Trading™.

We make it easier for you to order from your current vendors and find new vendors and products, all in a straightforward, standardized format. You can even set alerts for specific products and product types based on the price and quantity you need.

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Apex Trading™ has revolutionized the way we do business. In a marketplace as tough as today's, giving buyers the ease of use of Apex's platform enables us to stay ahead of the competition and come out with our bills paid and product spoken for within days of harvest.

Our sales staff now has the ability to walk into an account with the most detailed and up-to-date inventory on the market. In today's flooded market, it's kept us on top and helped us expand our business.
Novik Industries Testimonial about Apex Trading
Ricky Novik Industries / Oregon
"Keep up the great work we absolutely love love love the system. We really appreciate that you listen to our ideas of ways to make our lives easier."
Midwest Ranch Testimonial about Apex Trading
Katina Midwest Ranch / Colorado
"Just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying Apex Trading™. It has put me in touch with vendors that I wouldn't have found otherwise."
Fiddlers Green Testimonial about Apex Trading
Avery Anderson Fiddler's Greens / Colorado
“Apex has made my job effortless. I now have more time to give to my clients and less time worrying!"
The Dub Testimonial about Apex Trading
Ian The Dub Wholesale / Oregon
"The platform has been working great for us, and working with John & Jenn has truly been a wonderful experience. You guys ROCK!"
The Farm Testimonial about Apex Trading
Justin G. The Farm / Colorado
"I like being able to check my orders, browse through live menus and discover new vendors through the marketplace. Apex Trading™ has been great."
Kaleafa Testimonial about Apex Trading
Geoff Kaleafa / Oregon
"Apex Trading™ has been really good for us on all levels. Being a high volume sales team here at Meraki with multiple products lines, the platform gives us the ability to not only place our own orders for customers, but we can send our live menu/storefront and receive inbound orders from customers directly. Additionally, we are able to track and manage pre-orders that sell out before testing comes back. One of the biggest values is that they are willing to listen to suggestions and update their platform to the needs of the industry – which I have not found anywhere else. Highly recommended for a sales platform to anyone."
Meraki Gardens Testimonial about Apex Trading
Taylor Jenkins Meraki Gardens / Oregon
"In response to the COVID-19 threat, taking considerable steps to be proactive from preventing transmission is absolutely key at this point. Consequently, working from home has become the reality for my company. Despite some of the challenges that the virus has caused, selling and marketing my product has not been affected thanks to Apex Trading™. The website has made this transition absolutely effortless and has actually allowed my company to have the advantage of running when a large number of other grows in the state have shut down. This website is by far one of the best tools that has ever happened to my company.”
Elevated Concepts Testimonial about Apex Trading
Elevated Concepts Colorado
“They are 100% the best system we have ever used! And that’s no joke! Customer service you won’t find anywhere. The best producer to retail menu system hands down. The retailer loves that fact the can pull your test results before they have product in hand (allows them to place it on the shelf the second it gets there).”
F & J's Farm Testimonial about Apex Trading
Frank F & J's Farm / Oregon
"We've been very happy with Apex since joining. It's opening doors for us and giving myself a whole new avenue as well as freeing up time to focus on production."

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