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Custom Branded Wholesale Cannabis Menus

Sending out your menu of wholesale cannabis products to your buyers can be challenging. You often need to labor over creating various versions of your wholesale menu to ensure the right buyers see the right prices. Plus, if your cannabis inventory doesn’t automatically update, you can get into all sorts of ordering problems as products go out of stock.

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Apex Trading’s custom branded wholesale cannabis menu feature gives you the power to send your menu to all of your customers at once. You can set pricing at the individual buyer level, so your best customers get the best prices, while your new customers earn their way through volume and performance to discounts. And, your live cannabis inventory is tied to the menus you send out, so product inventory is automatically updated to reflect actual quantities available and ensure you don’t have any downstream ordering issues. Further, you don’t need to create multiple versions of your menu, because our software ensures each of your customers gets the pricing you’ve indicated in their profile.

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Having ownership of your brand is essential in wholesale cannabis. That’s why we created these menus to showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression with wholesale cannabis buyers. Logos, pictures of your products, methods of production and more are there to paint your brand and your products in the best light to your active and prospective clients.

When you tie these wholesale cannabis menus in with our order management, inventory management tools and reporting tools, you start to realize the business intelligence and efficiencies that are at your fingertips. Wholesale cannabis sellers across the nation are streamlining their processes, increasing margins, earning new customers, and developing existing ones. But don’t take our word for it. Check out their testimonials here. And, the entire Apex Trading™ suite comes in at price that would make an “honest” broker blush.

If easily sending custom-tailored menus with individual pricing sounds appealing to you, please schedule a demo below to see how this feature and the rest of our tools can help your business.

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