Quickbooks is everywhere and in every industry, including wholesale cannabis. Created by Intuit, Quickbooks is a full-featured accounting software suite that helps to keep your books balanced, your bills paid, and in some cases, your payroll functioning. Quickbooks offers both on premises and cloud-based services.

The Apex Trading Quickbooks integration allows you to connect your Quickbooks Online Plus or Quickbooks Online Advanced software to your Apex Trading account with just a few simple steps. Once your Quickbooks account is connected to your Apex Trading account, you can start to easily map products to products, buyers to buyers, and orders to orders. What’s more, when you’re placing or working on orders, you can easily map items on the fly directly into the order and then generate your invoice. As our customers often tell us, it’s seamless, super helpful, and makes their teams way more effective.

Plus, if you have any questions or in the unlikely event that you need help, our Customer Success Team is at the ready via phone, email or live chat, Monday-Friday during standard business hours.

Items That Easily Map and Flow with the Quickbooks Integration

  • Products to Products

  • Orders to Orders

  • Buyers to Buyers

Having your products, buyers and orders mapped to Quickbooks allows for information to flow between your Quickbooks and Apex Trading account. This can save you loads of operational time, because there’s no need for duplicate data entry.

If our Quickbooks integration sounds like something that could make your life in the wholesale cannabis industry easier and you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to request a demo, below.

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