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Optimize customer relationships & interactions with Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is technology for managing your customer relationships and interactions. Whether you’re in the wholesale cannabis industry or any other line of work where you’re selling products, having some sort of CRM in place is essential for nurturing your customers as you scale.

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Sales, customer service, business dev, marketing, all benefit from having a CRM. This is especially true for the wholesale cannabis industry. The various aspects of Apex Trading’s software - order management, inventory management, sales management, reporting & analysis - all come together to help you provide the best service for your wholesale cannabis customers, keeping them happy and engaged.

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Having a CRM system as part of your operation helps to give you a clearer overview of your customers. That is, with a CRM, you’re able to see everything in one place - contact info, order history, order status, notes and more. This information and these tools are great for your wholesale cannabis Sales and Marketing teams, but also comes in handy for Customer Service, too. What’s more, with a CRM in place, your wholesale cannabis operation can create efficiencies and get off of tracking everything in clumsy spreadsheets.

Wholesale cannabis sellers across the country are enjoying the benefits of Apex Trading’s CRM tools to help manage their customers. In fact, we have loads of testimonials singing praise of our wholesale cannabis software - check them out here. We’ve kept our CRM straightforward and easy to use. So, unlike a product such as Salesforce, you won’t need to bring on an expert to manage your CRM. And, if you do happen to need a hand, our Customer Success and Live Chat teams are ready to help.

If having a better understanding of your customers and their ordering habits while streamlining your operations is something that benefits your wholesale cannabis business, perhaps a CRM and the associated tools is for you. For more info, please schedule a quick, yet informative, demo below to learn more about how Apex Trading™ can help you.

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