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When we first entered the legal medical and recreational cannabis markets, we believed an open marketplace, à la Amazon or, perhaps better to say, Alibaba, was the way to go. Wholesale cannabis sellers would post their products. Retailers would come and buy them. The concept seemed simple, but cannabis isn’t that straightforward.

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Wholesale cannabis business is based on relationships and trust. Pricing and discounts are based on well developed connections, friendships and collaborations. Openly exposing your best pricing on a cannabis marketplace can damage long-term relationships that took years and volume to come to. So, sellers often post their wholesale cannabis products at higher-than-market prices. Buyers see the marketplace and your products as overpriced, which can damage your brand. What’s more, open wholesale cannabis marketplaces commoditize products hurting margins. Further, a huge chunk of your brand and the relationship with your customers is lost to the marketplace itself - think of shopping on Amazon.

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That’s why we’ve created a direct marketplace or Vendor Marketplace. In a direct marketplace, you post all the essential details about your company and cannabis products, with the exception of price. When a wholesale buyer is interested in your products, they can reach out directly to you and begin the process of building a relationship and finding a price that is right for both parties.

The interface we built for this type of wholesale cannabis marketplace is super easy to use. Product shopping is straightforward. Interactions between parties are simple. Active users across the country are using this wholesale cannabis marketplace and making the valued connections needed to grow their businesses. Check out what they have to say about Apex Trading here.

This cannabis vendor marketplace is just one aspect of Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis platform. You’ll also find cannabis inventory management software, order management, reporting, online wholesale cannabis menus and more. And, it all comes at a price that’s incredibly light on the budget. See pricing here.

If finding new buyers without having to expose your pricing sounds like a better way to do business in the wholesale cannabis space, please sign up for a demo below.

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