The Massachusetts wholesale cannabis industry is on fire and Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis business management software is just what you need to make sure your business burns brightest. It’s stoked with the wholesale cannabis inventory, order and sales management tools Massachusetts’ cannabis businesses need to win in the wholesale cannabis industry.

Massachusetts wholesale cannabis cultivators, distributors, extractors, edibles and topical manufacturers, as well as genetics companies and more are certain to find gains when they deploy the wholesale management tools from Apex Trading™. Because our software is created specifically for the wholesale cannabis industry, you’ll enjoy features that simply don’t exist in mainstream wholesale business software.

Apex Trading™ has been working in the wholesale cannabis industry for years. In fact, we have decades of combined experience in mature cannabis markets, emerging cannabis markets and evolving cannabis markets. We are in a constant state of refinement with our cannabis business management tools. Our thorough understanding of both medical and adult-use cannabis markets gives us a more-than-traditional knowledge of what’s needed to support the Massachusetts cannabis market as it evolves. From Boston to Springfield all the way out to Cape Code and all of smaller markets found across the state, Apex Trading’s wholesale software is there to help the Massachusetts’ wholesale cannabis industry players connect in a highly efficient manner.

Through our work in mature and emerging cannabis markets, we’ve seen that access to market-wide pricing data gives both wholesale sellers and buyers a firm advantage. A solid understanding of current wholesale cannabis prices is central to making intelligent business decisions. The outcomes of these cannabis-related business decisions lead to stronger, longer lasting relationships built on trust. What’s more, this pricing transparency leads toward improved margins and increases in sales volume. Plus, Apex Trading’s cannabis management software allows for tighter control and a better understanding of wholesale cannabis inventory, invoicing, order history, as well as cannabis compliance documentation. And, the straightforward and standardized formatting of the processes and documents make buying and selling wholesale cannabis so much easier.

You’ll find that no matter where your business is based in Massachusetts, streamlining your sales process and inventory management saves you oodles of time and money. But one of the things our clients love most about Apex Trading™ is that you can ditch working off of clumsy, outdated spreadsheets. You’ll see that replacing spreadsheets with automated cannabis inventory, order history, and compliance documentation makes working in cannabis so much easier. Add to that features like seed-to-sale and Quickbooks integrations and you’re ready to roll. And don’t forget, Apex Trading’s vendor marketplace and branded, live menus let both buyers or sellers do business with greater speed and efficiency. The menus are even customizable for each individual seller to deliver custom pricing and product sets, based on the relationship.

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