Montana’s cannabis market is just beginning it’s growth, yet it is already clear that residents of the state have been waiting patiently. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2020, those in the Big Sky Country have been introduced to a wide variety of products available for consumer use. Montana adults consume at a rate much higher than the national average, meaning that you and your business need to be ready to take the competitive edge over others in the Montana cannabis industry.

To stay competitive, you need the right tools. Your business has to manage inventory, orders, operations, a storefront, and more, but what if there was one place to do it all? That’s where we come in. At Apex Trading™, we have created a centralized platform which allows you to get business done the right way. Whether you are a wholesale cannabis buyer or vendor, we have the tools you need to save you time and money.

We work in all legal markets, including Montana. Montana wholesale cannabis operations already love our live inventory, Vendor and Buyer Discovery, Metrc and Quickbooks integration, and more. All of these tools come together in our B2B cannabis software to streamline your business and help your bottom line. This industry is exploding - don’t let the mess of running a business get in your way of success.

Let Your Brand Be Known

Dispensaries around Montana want the best product on their shelves. Using Apex Trading™, we help you take control of how your business is seen by them. The platform has been designed so you have the ability to customize your storefront - making it completely your own.

To stand out from the crowd, vendors need to show what makes their product special. You will be able to integrate custom menus, pricing options, and specials onto your page. Furthermore, all visual control is customizable as well, meaning any images, text, or colors are available at your discretion. Tell a story of who you are and what you do. Let your product do the talking for you through intuitive branding.

Take Control Back of Your Inventory

Inventory tracking with spreadsheets or a notepad is a one-way ticket to making mistakes, not to mention the fact that it takes far too long and causes headaches for you and your employees. However, Apex Trading™ empowers you to get on top of your inventory with our real-time inventory tracking. As soon as an order goes through, your product will be redacted, meaning you know exactly where your business stands.

Whether you’re selling products to a cannabis retailer in Billings, Bozeman, Butte, or anywhere in between, your inventory levels will finally be accurate without needing to do any number crunching on your end. With simple reporting and insights, you will also be able to see what is and is not working well for your business and adjust accordingly.

Competitively Price with Market Insights

Montana cannabis retailers want the best deals they can get their hands on. For you, that means you need to know where the market stands on any given day. To put your business on the top of Mantana buyers’ lists, Apex Trading™ allows you to view market pricing in real-time and offers insights to help you price appropriately. Knowing this info, you will stay on the radar of all your local buyers.

Order Processing Made Simple with Quickbooks Integration

When tax season rolls around, you don’t want to be struggling with your financial records. Apex Trading™ aims to make that an issue of the past with simple tracking and reporting - made possible by integrating with Quickbooks. With this tool, you get to know where your business stands.

Apex Trading™ was designed to make business easier for wholesale cannabis companies. With detailed reporting, we empower you to feel confident in where your Montana business stands. Additionally, you will know exactly how well you performed, enabling you to make the right moves to push your business further.

If streamlining your operations, showcasing your brand, and selling your products more efficiently sounds like something you’d like to be doing, please request a quick demo.

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