New York

On March 30, 2021, both houses of the New York State Legislature approved a bill to legalize cannabis and a day later former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it into law. Now that cannabis is legal in the Empire State, New York has one of the largest adult-use and medical markets in the country.

Cannabis businesses have been sprouting up from Albany to Buffalo and everywhere in between. However, a fair number of these wholesale producers are beginning to realize that selling cannabis is quite a bit more complicated than simply “growing weed.”

Thankfully, Apex Trading has been blazing trails in markets across the country for years and our top-shelf team of cannabis industry veterans has been creating the tools necessary to run efficient and effective B2B cannabis operations. From Long Island to Syracuse, our software suite delivers inventory, order and sales management tools that New York’s wholesale cultivators, extractors, edibles manufacturers and distributors need and their retail dispensaries counterparts love.

When it comes to sales management tools, Apex Trading is unrivaled. You can send branded menus with pricing and products customized to each of the dispensaries that your cannabis brand supports. Plus, we offer a full CRM, lead lists, reporting and task management to ensure your sales team has the resources it needs and the tools to follow up on their efforts. What’s more, the Apex Trading Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace gives you an outlet to attract new wholesale customers and move leftover products.

If your wholesale cannabis company would benefit from creating efficiencies, eliminating manual work, finding new customers and having your brand out front, we encourage you to sign up for a demo below. From Niagara Falls to the Empire State Building and everything in between, New York is chock full of examples of going big. Let Apex Trading help your cannabis brand get big, too.

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