Pennsylvania is known for its rich historical background and the role that it played in defining America. Now, the Keystone State is poised to redefine America with the role that it is playing in the cannabis industry. With this state opening a new cannabis market, the world of cannabis might just change forever.

As more interested customers in Pennsylvania, from Allentown to Pittsburgh, seek out cannabis products, they are looking for brands they can trust. Establishing yourself as one of these brands can skyrocket your business and help establish your company within the state. With the assistance of Apex Trading™, cultivators, manufacturers, and extractors can get that extra help that they need to beat out the competition.

Your clients want exceptional products and service. You already have great products. Now, we can help you to provide the best possible service and manage your business with ease. Our system provides you an easy way to show off your brand, run marketing campaigns, reach clients, and manage your finances. It is a one-stop system for all of your wholesale cannabis business needs.

Apex Trading™ is a leader in technology in the United States cannabis industry. We have made it our personal goal to help cannabis professionals across the country to grow and advance their businesses. We want to see the cannabis industry thrive, which is why we work so hard to ensure that your every need is met. Our team is here to support yours so that we can help the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania to get what it needs to flourish.

Increasing Your Brand’s Presence

Your brand is unique, and you should be able to show it. Too many platforms offer products with limited descriptions and very little to no branding. This means that your customers can forget who you are before they even complete the purchase. With our brand-focused system, your customers always know exactly who you are.

We give you complete creative control to determine how your audience perceives you. You can show off your brand on every page and continuously remind your clients who their favorite PA cannabis company is. Customize product descriptions, add brand-related colors, and so much more. Your branded menu can be as attention-grabbing as you want it to be!

Cultivating Leads

Leads drive sales, which is why you need to be able to find and cultivate them. At Apex Trading™, we make it easy for you to jump in and draw in those customers. We empower you to create powerful marketing campaigns and find new clients who are searching for what you offer. With our simplified sales pipeline, you can work with customers directly for the best results.

Inventory Management Made Simple

A business’s inventory is of the utmost importance, but managing an inventory can be difficult. Fortunately, we make it easy with real-time inventory updates and helpful insights. You can even empower your team to work more effectively by leaning on custom workflows that ensure live updates to all team members. Eliminating opportunities for errors with our inventory management helps you stand out. This plus Slack integration makes it easy for you to manage your team and inventory from one place.

Transparent Market Pricing Insights

Your competitor’s are trying to beat your pricing, which means that you need to know what they are doing. With our insights, you can easily compare and adjust your pricing to remain competitive. Even better, our sales insights allow you to recognize what your customers want more of so you can create tailored marketing campaigns. Further, you can use insights to make informed decisions and adjust pricing to match your customer’s needs and ensure the best margin.

Quickbooks Integration and Rapid Order Processing (ROP)

Business owners often dread balancing the books, but those days are officially behind you. Now, you can track your orders in a simple way. Our system allows your team to stay on top of your cash flow with helpful reports and Quickbooks integration. Remaining in compliance for your business has never been easier!

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Why Apex Trading™?

Apex Trading™ is a leader in the cannabis industry and has helped countless wholesalers across the US get the most out of their online space. We carefully designed our system to meet the very real problems that cannabis professionals face so you can focus on your products and your customers.

By simplifying the business side of your company, we believe that we can help you to focus on what is important so you can continue to innovate and impress your customers. When you partner with us, you can get the most out of your company and streamline business operations!

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