Rhode Island was among the first 11 states to approve cannabis for medical use. In recent years, the push for legalization has continued to grow as it became decriminalized. With growing popularity, the demand for cannabis across the Ocean State has provided business opportunities for wholesalers.

Rhode Island residents are flocking to products such as flower, extracts, edibles, and more. It’s no surprise that this has led to a large influx of cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, and other wholesalers in this small New England state.

Now more than ever, growing wholesale businesses are looking for ways to create effective systems. A comprehensive business management software is the perfect way to manage everything from one location. At Apex Trading™, we are hoping to make it easier than ever for businesses in the industry to do exactly that.

With a presence in more than half of the legal state markets, Apex Trading is recognized nation-wide as a leader in technological innovation in the cannabis space. Using our industry expertise, we have created a wholesale cannabis software that is well-suited for Rhode Island cannabis producers and their retail buyers. Our software is constantly evolving to solve the problems wholesale cannabis businesses face.

Apex Trading™ was designed for the B2B cannabis industry. Wholesale cannabis companies are leveraging our tools to run highly effective businesses and enter new markets. Our key features include powerful inventory, order, and sales management systems—all of which help you manage your business from one convenient location.

Increasing Your Brand’s Presence

In order to stand out in the cannabis market, companies need to be prepared to make their brand known, but doing this isn’t always easy. Fortunately, our system is designed to help showcase your brand to your clients while they shop. When they look at the different products and items being sold, you’ll have full control over product descriptions and presentation. That way, it’s up to you how you choose to catch the attention of your customers.

Our storefront was built to be completely customizable, so you can show off your brand in the best possible light. As the industry changes, you can continue to customize and adapt your storefront to impress any customers that visit. We offer support for branding opportunities on every page. Your brand will be catching their attention as your customers shop.

Cultivating Leads

Running a store without leads is an ineffective way to succeed in the cannabis industry. Knowing this, we designed our system to help you generate and seek out leads. Whether you choose to migrate over existing customers or you want to find new potential clients, our platform makes it easy.

The customization of our system allows support for marketing campaigns, helpful menu widgets, and it makes it easy to show off to your customers. With our straighforward sales pipeline, you can guide customers to all of your amazing products with ease—and the perks don’t stop there. You can handle all of your customer interactions in one place!

Inventory Management Made Simple

Your inventory is a crucial part of your business, which is why we make it easy to manage it. Managing your products has never been simpler. You can benefit from live updates that keep everyone on the same page. We even allow you to share workflows with team members based on their responsibilities. Pair this with Slack integration, and your team is good to go!

Transparent Market Pricing Insights

Pricing is tricky, particularly in an ever changing industry like cannabis. Fortunately, we offer comparative pricing that allows you to stay up to date on where the market is now. You can easily adjust prices, offer discounts or sales, and learn what customers are actively seeking out. All with the click of a button.

Quickbooks Integration and Rapid Order Processing (ROP)

To keep your business running, you need to be able to keep your cash flow in order. Fortunately, our system’s ongoing support for Quickbooks integration makes it easy for you to track your orders. Let our system manage your expenses, sales, and more to ensure that you are always in compliance with state requirements.

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Why Apex Trading™?

Apex Trading™ is dedicated to making cannabis sales and distribution as easy as possible for Rhode Island wholesalers. Our single interface software was designed to serve as an all encompassing solution. With access to all of these features, you will find that managing and growing your business is just another part of your day. Now, you can forget about the complexities of putting together a business system and start improving your processes today.

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