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One day, you may be able to purchase wholesale cannabis in Idaho, but until that time, you’re going to have to work on your state and local officials to make that happen.

Outside of Idaho, Apex Trading has been helping wholesale cannabis buyers find the products they need to keep their shelves stocked and satisfy their customers. How, you may ask? With standardized ordering processes, uniform invoicing, easily shoppable menus, tools for finding cannabis products and so much more.

When Idaho finally does come around and cannabis becomes legally available for medical patients and/or recreational consumers, Apex Trading will be there ready to make purchasing wholesale cannabis easy and efficient. We have built-in instant messaging features sprinkled throughout the platform so buyers and sellers can easily communicate with one another. Want to ask about the specifics of a product or negotiate pricing? No problem - with a simple click of a button you can speak directly to the seller. You see, we feel that relationship is still an essential part of the wholesale cannabis trade. We want buyers and sellers to have a similar, yet technologically streamlined, experience to what they’ve always had when working with each other.

Once Idaho has regulations in place, Apex Trading will deliver the cutting-edge, industry-specific tech to help cannabis flourish. What’s more, it’ll be free for buyers to create an account and use the platform. Plus, you’ll have access to deals, alerts and promos from top Idaho producers.

We understand that wholesale cannabis isn’t yet a thing in Idaho, but if you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to have a look around Further, if you’d like to start thinking about the future, feel free to request a demo.

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