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The Old Line State’s wholesale cannabis industry is gearing up for the battle that the earliest cannabis markets have been fighting across the US. Maryland’s flower cultivators, extracts processors and edibles manufacturers from Baltimore to Germantown not only need the tools and procedures to help keep their products efficiently flowing to the retail dispensary outlets, but also require the technology to ensure they are streamlined and competitive as the wholesale cannabis supply grows.

Starting with the basics, Maryland wholesale cannabis producers need to be able to ensure accurate inventory to prevent costly ordering errors. For example, you don’t want to be a busy dispensary intake manager expecting a large flower order only to find those buds had been sold to another store due to an outdated spreadsheet. What’s more, having a standardized order and invoicing process lets cannabis companies and the retail purchasing managers they work with have the ability to quickly and efficiently find documentation, maintain compliance, and review order history.

Luckily for the good folks of Maryland’s licensed businesses, Apex Trading has been in the industry trenches for years helping cannabis brands and retailers fight the good fight. Our automated inventory software, built specifically for cannabis, has served thousands of wholesalers,from California to Maine and everywhere in between. Inventory automatically adjusts when orders are created, modified or canceled, so there’s no need for reconciliation. Plus, our METRC and Quickbooks integrations promote efficiencies throughout the organization

However, that’s just the beginning of Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis business management banquet. You’ll discover task management as tasty as blue crabs, and robust reporting that would impress an Annapolis Naval Academy graduate. Speaking of reporting, there’s product and sales performance, order reports, inventory reports, sales team activity, samples conversion, as well as custom reporting that lets you dig deep into your data. You’ll also find workflows to streamline ops, a Slack integration to speed up interdepartmental communication, a Dutchie integration, an open API, and so much more.

Just like you’re proud of the Orioles and Ravens, you’re also proud of the cannabis brand your building. That’s why Apex Trading wants you to own your brand and the brand experience and we’ve crafted loads of tools to help you do just that. You’ll find branded, shoppable storefronts, branded emailable menus with custom pricing and product sets for each of your customers,branded menu widgets, store locators and more. We even have a wholesale cannabis marketplace, if that’s the way you like to sell.

Whether you hail from the Chesapeake Bay area or the Western Region, what you’ll like most about Apex Trading is our commitment to you, your company and cannabis. Our unrivaled client support includes white-glove onboarding, a dedicated account manager, a platform knowledge base, responsive tech support and helpful live chat.

If you’re a wholesale cannabis buyer, you’ll be as happy as MIchael Phelps in a pool to know your account is free. And with all this value and upside, wholesale cannabis sellers will be delighted with just how inexpensive Apex Trading is. We built the platform to help cannabis thrive and we’ve priced to help all operators in Maryland be successful. Interested in learning more? Request a demo, below.

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