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Buying wholesale cannabis in Michigan is a whole lot easier when you’re using Apex Trading. Why? In a nutshell, Apex Trading gives wholesale cannabis purchasers accurate inventory, standardized ordering processes and invoices, all required documentation and a whole bunch more.

Thousands of wholesale cannabis buyers and sellers across the US and in Michigan use Apex Trading to help manage their businesses. When cultivators, extractors, edibles producers and product manufacturers choose Apex Trading instead of spreadsheets, you can count on the inventory you wish to purchase to be there. The same cannot be said when businesses manually keep track of product levels on Excel or Google docs. If you’ve ever ordered off one of these static sheets, you may have experienced the headaches of finding out what you ordered isn’t available. Then, it’s back-and-forth trying to sort it all out. Ughhh!

That’s not the case when wholesale cannabis producers choose to manage their products within Apex Trading. Thankfully, accurate, live inventory all but eliminates ordering errors and any follow-on back-and-forth needed. What’s more, our ordering software offers instant messaging contact points throughout the platform. With these tools, you can communicate directly with sellers to ask questions, discuss and negotiate pricing, build relationships with your fellow Michigan cannabis industry contacts, and more.

Our shopping interface is chock full of the product info you need to help you make the right decisions for your company. Depending on the product category, you’ll find filters for strain type, grow medium, extraction method, cure method, terpene profiles, potency, price, trim method , ingredients and much, much more. And, if you can’t find a specific product you’re looking for, our Vendor Discovery and Wholesale Needs features let you post your needs for Michigan cannabis sellers to see and react to.

Another great aspect of sourcing and ordering wholesale products on Apex Trading is that you can do it from your phone, laptop or tablet. This lets you spend less time with your butt in a chair and more time getting out experiencing all that Michigan has to offer, from the cosmopolitan excitement of Detroit to the natural beauty of the U.P.

What buyers across the country really enjoy is that Apex Trading is free wholesale purchasing. Not only that, but there are no hidden fees or mark-ups. And, you’ll also have access to alerts, deals and promos from cannabis producers through Michigan.

Does standardized ordering and invoicing, accurate inventory, direct lines of communication to your sellers and prospective sellers, as well as a host of other efficiency-creating tools sound appealing to you? Does it sound even better when it’s all free? If so, create your FREE account or sign up for a quick demo to learn more.

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