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From Kansas City to St. Louis, the Show-Me State is embracing cannabis for the good-natured, healing plant that it is. Wholesale cannabis producers throughout Missouri are crafting high-quality flower, extracts, edibles and more. How those products are sold is ever-evolving. Some folks are using static spreadsheets that go quickly out of date, creating time-wasting back-and-forth between businesses. Others are trying to build in-house software that takes forever, needs constant updating, and costs a ton.. Then there are those that are looking for 3rd-party solutions.

Thankfully, Apex Trading has created a wholesale cannabis business management software suite that makes life easier, not only for sellers, but buyers, too. When you make a B2B cannabis purchase from your favorite Missouri brand on Apex Trading, you can count on accurate inventory and all of the required documentation coming to you with a standardized invoice.

Wholesale shopping is easy with Apex Trading. If you’d like to deal directly with Missouri cultivators, extractors or edibles manufacturers, we’ve created several channels of communication, so you can build a relationship and ensure you’re getting the best price. Choose from Slack, chat or email - all right there on the platform. If you prefer to shop a B2B cannabis marketplace, Apex Trading has you covered there, too. You’ll be able to look at brands and products side by side giving you price transparency, visibility in who has what, and so much more.

Once you’ve settled on the wholesale cannabis products you need, you’ll be delighted to discover that all of the descriptions, images and other docs come with your order so you can easily post the products to your own consumer-facing website.

When it comes time to pay, Apex Trading helps facilitate smooth transactions with financing options and terms up to net 90. Additionally, whether you’re in Lake Ozark, Springfield, Branson or anywhere in between, you use our ACH payment option to send cash over wire. This helps to not only reduce risk, but also decrease the costs of handling cash.

Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis software also offers a host of reporting and analytics tools to keep you on top of the numbers, your order history and more. Whether you’re looking to see what’s selling, wanting to assign tasks within your dispensary operation, or looking for business intelligence to help guide your decisions, the platform is there to help.

Finally, and for some this is the best part, it doesn’t matter if you’re all the way up in Eagleville or way down in Kennett, MO, an Apex Trading buyer account is FREE. You read that right, free. It cost you nothing to create your wholesale cannabis buying account. If reliable, accurate inventory, images and descriptions, one-stop shopping, pricing transparency, easy communication tools, streamlined ordering and processes, all for free sounds appealing to you, go ahead and create your free account, click around the site to learn more, or request a demo below.

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