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It doesn’t matter if you're in Buffalo or the Big Apple, Albany or Plattsburg, purchasing wholesale cannabis for your stores should be an easy task. However, cannabis brands often use disparate ways to manage their inventory and ordering processes. Sometimes it’s inaccurate spreadsheets, other times you transact via text, you’ll even find orders scrawled on the back of cocktail napkins. Apex Trading not only standardizes the ordering processes, but delivers an extensive set of financial and reporting tools, shopping experiences and more to make your wholesale purchasing job a breeze.

The Apex Trading platform lets you connect directly with wholesale cannabis producers across The Empire State. Unlike the typical marketplace experience, this allows you to get to know and negotiate with the brands and the actual people working there. Of course, Apex Trading also offers a marketplace for those who enjoy shopping products across multiple brands. Whichever way you choose to source flower, extracts, edibles and more, Apex Trading has done it right for you.

Once you’ve found the right products from the right brands at the right prices, you may want to purchase using net terms. It’s your business as to why - maybe you want to keep the cash on hand to run a big advertising event. It really doesn’t matter to us, but we understand and therefore offer net 30, net 60 and even net 90 payment terms.

Though many of New York’s rural routes offer amazing scenery, driving loads of cash back and forth between producers and dispensaries can be quite risky. With Apex Trading’s wire transfer service, you don’t have to put the Benjamins in the vehicles. Not only does this reduce risk and keep your staff safer, it also cleans up your account processes and minimizes handling costs.

Now that your terms have been set and how the cash is going to get from point a to point b, you’ll receive a beautiful standardized invoice with all the necessary compliance documentation along with images and descriptions for your website. We’ve heard horror stories from Apex Trading clients having to spend half of their workweek tracking down images, docs and descriptions. They are often over-the-moon delighted with this feature alone. But if that doesn’t make them smile, then it’s the Apex Trading customer service team that really takes the experience to the next level. They’re always there ready to help with everything from tracking down elusive products to giving real-world examples and sharing experiences from cannabis markets across the US in every stage of growth.

What do all of these amazing features and services cost you? Nothing. Nada. Nil. It’s FREE for New York dispensaries to create a buyer account and start using Apex Trading. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s actually free for any legal dispensary in any state to create an account. So, if reliable, accurate inventory, one-stop shopping, pricing transparency, a standarding ordering process, images and descriptions for your menu, financing options and more, all for free, sound like the way to go for your New York-based dispensary, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo below.

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