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For years now, wholesale cannabis purchasers and sellers throughout Oregon have relied on Apex Trading. From Portland to Pendleton, Bend to Eugene or even coastal Coos Bay, dispensaries and cannabis producers loved getting off unreliable, out-of-date, static spreadsheets for their ordering. With standardized invoices, accurate inventory, and easily accessible product information, Apex Trading has changed the way wholesale cannabis business is conducted in the Beaver State.

Oregon’s retail cannabis purchasing managers can easily shop directly with sellers via the branded storefronts, or they can see and compare a range of products from multiple wholesale cannabis producers in the Apex Trading Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace. What’s more, they can communicate directly with cultivators, extractors and product manufacturers using the in-app chat feature to negotiate pricing, delivery, net terms and more.

Speaking of net terms, the Apex Trading platform offers financing options right in the app so purchasing managers can keep more cash in the bank for advertising and running promotions. Plus, Apex Trading also features wireless money transfers for the Oregon market to keep cash off the road, virtually eliminate outstanding payments, reduce processing costs, and increase overall sales.

Further, you’ll discover a suite of wholesale cannabis reporting tools that would put a smile on both Lewis and Clark’s face. These straightforward tools help you make informed selling and purchasing decisions. And, Oregon wholesale buyers enjoy pricing transparency, alerts,deals and promos from sellers, ensuring their getting the best bang for the buck, both for their company and for their retail consumers.

Lastly, whether you’re in Astoria or Ashland, Remond or Medford or anywhere in between, your buyer account on Apex Trading is FREE. That isn’t a typo - there is no cost to create an account and begin shopping Oregon’s top craft cultivators, outdoor growers, and manufactures. And, if your favorite wholesale cannabis producer isn’t on Apex Trading, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to invite them to the platform. Give it a try, you really have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain.

If reliable inventory, one-stop shopping, pricing transparency, a standarding ordering process, images and descriptions for your menu, and financing options sound as appealing to you as it does to oodles of other Oregon wholesale purchasers, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo below. To shop or connect directly with some of the top Oregon sellers on the platform, click the images below.

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