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Why We Took a Different Approach to the Tools Needed for the Wholesale Cannabis Industry

When we first jumped into the B2B cannabis software space, we were thinking like a lot of folks – build a marketplace. We had backgrounds in wholesale cannabis as well as software development. What better could we do for B2B cannabis than create an open marketplace – the best open marketplace – where wholesale producers could post their products and dispensary buyers could come and shop. We were going to be B2B cannabis software kings! 

However, like any good B2B cannabis software company, we started by looking at the competitive landscape, the state of the current marketplaces, and what was happening on them. We quickly noticed that though other B2B cannabis software companies had built out some pretty robust marketplaces, there weren’t a whole lot of new acquisitions happening on these B2B cannabis marketplaces.

What we surmised is that B2B cannabis companies, specifically established wholesale sellers, have developed relationships with their buyers. These relationships lead to pricing tiers based on a number of factors – order volume, trust, history, friendships, introductions and more.

When it’s time to list products to an open cannabis marketplace, sellers need to be cautious about posting prices that could embarrass them or hurt their existing relationships. So, B2B sellers post their products to the marketplaces at slightly higher prices. What’s more, the bulk of a B2B producer’s cannabis harvest is spoken for with their pre-existing clients and often it’s only the left-overs, rejected products, or when there’s an oversupply across the entire market that these products make it to the marketplace.

B2B cannabis buyers visit the marketplace and quickly recognize that, as a general rule, the marketplace is overpriced. Sure, some transactions occur and some new business is generated, but for the most part, what sounded like a great idea sort of falls short.

Apex Trading’s B2B cannabis software is different, and for good reason. We have focused more on building the tools needed to help you manage your current business and clients with great efficiency. We believe that B2B cannabis software should streamline business processes such as inventory management, order management and buyer management.

Further, these B2B cannabis tools not only help the seller, but the buyer as well. Features like standardized invoicing, order history, reporting & analytics are a win-win for the buyer and seller alike. Plus, the Apex Trading B2B cannabis software platform let’s you nurture your wholesale cannabis buyers to ensure both parties are getting the most out of the transaction. 


When it came to pricing our B2B cannabis software, we wanted to live by our “plant first” axom and make it as affordable as possible. But, inexpensive doesn’t mean “cheap” – it’s a world-class build, and we thrive on our customer service, because we know that when we delight our clients, they’ll not only stay with us and tell their friends.

If any of this info about our B2B cannabis software sounds like something you’d like to know more about, please request a quick demo here.


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