Going back decades, people have looked at Maryland for its proximity to the nation’s capital and huge fishing market, but times are changing. With the legalization of cannabis, Maryland has a new budding industry and it is absolutely filled with potential. Already, big and small brands alike are flooding the cannabis industry in the Old Line State, which means you need a way to keep your edge on the competition.

At Apex Trading™, we provide technology solutions that empower the cannabis industry all around the United States. We know that your wholesale customers want access to the best products and we know that you can provide them. Our team is ready to empower you to provide your customers with the kind of B2B shopping experience that they deserve.

As the cannabis industry in Maryland grows, businesses need to evolve with it. We offer support for growers, extractors, and manufacturers in the industry, and we can help you too! By providing a one-stop system that empowers you to manage your business operations while impressing your B2B customers, we make it easy for you to push through the competition.

Increasing Your Brand’s Presence

Your brand deserves to be recognized for what makes it unique. Unfortunately, the majority of cannabis platforms out there don’t allow for branding beyond the initial page. Seeing this problem, we focused on making our entire storefront customizable. We know that you want to show off your brand, so we give you the tools to do it.

We put your brand front and center so your customers always remember who is bringing them these amazing products. You can present your brand in style and help highlight key products with compelling descriptions and details. You have all the power when it comes to making your brand shine.

Cultivating Leads

In the modern world, leads mean sales. With our system, you can generate and nurture leads with potential wholesale customers in a variety of ways. Our system empowers you to create compelling B2B marketing campaigns and show everyone how great your products are. With our easy-to-use website widget, you can design a store that guarantees conversions.

Our platform has been designed to help you reach customers that want what you have to sell. We highlight your best products and make it easy for you to find the customers who want your products. With a simplistic design and built-in chat, we make it possible for you to communicate with customers directly for amazing results.

Inventory Management Made Simple

Your products make your sales possible. Knowing how your inventory looks is an important part of your business that allows you to prepare for sales and ensure customer needs are met. Our real-time inventory tool tracks your products for you so that you always know where you stand.

Beyond inventory management, we offer you a chance to meet the needs of your employees by making their jobs easier. We support Slack integration for easy communication and give you the power to share workflows with team members based on their roles and responsibilities.

Transparent Market Pricing Insights

The Maryland cannabis market is always changing and you should be too. We make it easy to stay informed with our comparative pricing tools so you have a good idea of where to be priced to stay competitive.

Easily adjust prices, offer sales, and create bulk discounts to make your store and products the obvious choice. Our insights show you what customers want so you can produce and market the right products.

Quickbooks Integration and Rapid Order Processing (ROP)

Managing your finances can be a pain, but those days are behind you. At Apex Trading™, we wanted to make it easy to manage your finances with Quickbooks integration. Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets! With our tool, you can easily manage your cash flow and expenses. Our system makes it easy to stay in compliance with Maryland state compliance regulations.

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Why Apex Trading™?

Apex Trading™ is a powerful driver of change through technology in the cannabis space. We have helped countless cannabis businesses to take control of their inventory, orders, sales pipeline and brand to make working with their wholesale customers easy.

Our team is here to help you to get the most out of your products and services so you can grow your business. With our help, managing your business is an easy afterthought so you can focus on making better products and working with your customers. Together, we can redefine the cannabis industry in Maryland.

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