Illinois is a gorgeous state that has contributed so much to the history of the United States throughout the years. It has changed the way that we view sports, the automotive industry, and brought us presidents like Lincoln and Obama. Now, Illinois has joined the historic movement to bring cannabis to residents in the area and beyond—and already, there is so much to gain.

The cannabis industry is growing in America, and it is specifically growing in Illinois. There is a blooming interest in this market that has the potential to change the economy in a big way. It is the perfect time to join the industry, and it is a very important time to build up your business effectively.

Whether you are a cannabis wholesaler, grower, extractor, or manufacturer, you need the right tools to make your business successful. At Apex Trading, we have the solution to all of your business needs within this industry.

Increasing Your Brand’s Presence

Your brand is a crucial part of your business. If you don’t have a good way to share your brand, people can easily lose you in the sea of other cannabis brands. You want a brand that can stand out, and we make it easy for you to put your brand front and center.

Our system has the ability to create a compelling storefront that your B2B customers will love to shop at—and you can make it all your own! With our fully comprehensive wholesale cannabis business management system, you have the ability to make running your business easier than ever. With a system that has been specially designed for use in the cannabis industry, managing and growing your cannabis business is a breeze.

With our completely custom branding tools, you can make sure that your customers see your brand immediately and never forget it while they shop. We make it possible for you to design fully branded menus, offer space for marketing campaigns, and so much more. You can use your brand colors and create a completely unique experience.

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Cultivating Leads

To grow your business, you need customers and sales. With our system, you can captivate and draw in new and existing customers for amazing results. Our tools give you the power to make and manage completely unique marketing campaigns and offer direct sales.

Not only can you reach new customers, but you can also move over existing customers using a simplified sales pipeline. Using this system, making sales is quick and easy for everyone involved. Leads, along with a simplified buying process and brand exposure, are ways to ensure your wholesaling business is in Illinois for the long haul.

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Inventory Management Made Simple

Your inventory is an important part of your business. It influences what you can offer your customers and makes it possible for you to make good decisions about growing and distributing.

At Apex Trading, we believe that your inventory should be able to manage itself, which is why we designed our system to do just that. That’s right-- no more manually operated spreadsheets! You can receive real-time updates that allow you to stay in the loop, and you even have the option to share custom workflows with employees in different roles.

Transparent Market Pricing Insights

In the Illinois cannabis market, the competition can be pretty tough. Fortunately, we make it simple for you to stay informed on what the competition is doing. Using our system, you can see market pricing averages for all product categories, adjust prices to remain competitive, and offer special discounts and sales for certain customers. Pairing this with purchase insights so you can market the right products, it has never been easier to stay competitive.

Quickbooks Integration and Rapid Order Processing (ROP)

Managing the finances of a business can be difficult work. At Apex Trading, we know just how many hours are lost to business owners trying to consolidate their books, which is why our system was made to offer easy order processing. Using Quickbooks integration, we make it possible for you to manage your finances without all the extra work.

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Why Apex Trading™?

Apex Trading is a leader in the cannabis industry that offers technology designed to help businesses grow. We believe in a future for the Illinois cannabis industry that will really get people talking, and we think that our tools make it possible. Our group has partnered with countless leaders in the industry to ensure a seamless and completely custom experience, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and learn more about how we can help your business to thrive!

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