Washington state’s cutting edge wholesale cannabis producers and buyers are finding an easier way to run their B2B operations. At the forefront is Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis business management software, packed with the inventory, order and sales management tools created exclusively for the wholesale cannabis industry.

At the head of the cannabis movement, Washington is considered by some to be the first state to legalize adult-use cannabis. This forward thinking can be found in the business acumen of Washington’s leading wholesale cannabis distributors, cultivators, extractors and edibles manufacturers. They are embracing the benefits of having cannabis-specific software helping to improve their bottom lines and generate efficiencies across their wholesale cannabis businesses.

Apex Trading™ can trace its roots back to about the same time as Washington was just kicking off its legal cannabis sales. Our decades of combined experience working in medical and adult-use cannabis markets have allowed us to create wholesale cannabis tools that fit seamlessly into the Washington cannabis market. From Seattle to Vancouver or Oylmpia to Spokane, the Apex Trading™ team’s thoughtful wholesale cannabis software will serve your business well to let you buy and sell more products with greater efficiency.

Central to selling wholesale cannabis more efficiently in Washington is a solid understanding of how producers sell packaged flower to retailers and Apex Trading™ has that covered. Further, Apex Trading’s pricing data gives sellers and buyers of wholesale cannabis a familiarity of ongoing pricing for wholesale cannabis products. With this knowledge, both B2B cannabis sellers and B2B cannabis buyers can make more informed business decisions. Margins will improve and/or volume of sales will increase when you employ Apex Trading’s software. Beyond cannabis price transparency, you’ll also have a better grasp of wholesale cannabis inventory and order history, compliance documents and invoices, all in a straightforward and standardized format to make your workday easier.

Whether you’re area of operations stays within the Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia area, or it ventures out to Spokane, Richland and Ellensburg, you’ll discover that streamlining your operations will save you time and money. If you’ve been working off of spreadsheets, you’ll delight in replacing them with automated inventory, order history, compliance documentation, as well as Quickbooks integrations. Plus, the Apex Trading™ vendor marketplace and live menus let you buy or sell products faster and more effectively than ever. Further, the seller menus are branded and easy to shop with customizable pricing and product sets tailored for buyers based on their ordering history and preferences.

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  • 2727 Distribution Apex Trading Client
  • Oil Tycoon Apex Trading Client
  • Fine Detail Greenway Apex Trading Client

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